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Real Estate Purchase Flow in Japan [infographic]

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We believe it is very important to understand the purchase flow in the beginning. Many people think it is good to start searching the properties with Internet, we would recommend customers to know what are the possible loan amount and their desired areas, and start the research.


1) Consultation Service & Financial Planning

We will help you find out your possible loan amount and narrow down your desirable areas. Also, for foreigner, your visa status is very important for choosing the mortgage. (Loan interest rate, loan amount, loan duration and etc.) Please consult with us to find your financing position and start for the property search.

2) Property Search

From your requests at the consultation, we will start sending you the property list. We will send you several properties and would like to hear pros and cons of the properties. Your feedback is very important for us to understand your requests.

3) Property Visit

We strongly recommend visiting the properties. Some customers purchase the property without visiting, but we think property visit will tell you more than pictures and Google street view. Mainly, we would recommend checking the building condition and neighborhood atmosphere.

4) Letter of Intent

If you choose one property, please fill in Letter of Intent. This letter will go to the building owner to tell your intention. Building owner will usually start assessing the buyer’s information from the order of acceptance of this letter.

5) Contract

At the contract, you will sign on Purchase Contract and Disclosure Statement. Purchase Contract will include the time of the title transfer and your loan condition. Disclosure Statement will show you the building’s detailed information. At the contract date, you will pay deposit to the building owner.

6) Housing Loan Application

At time point, you will send your personal information to Bank. You need to submit your 3 years income information, ID, your other loan status, Stamp Certificate or Signature Certificate and etc. We would recommend gathering this information as much as possible from the consultation time.

7) Closing & Title Transfer

Title Transfer will be completed with your remaining payment. Judicial Scrivener will transfer the title and you will receive your Title Deed in about 2 weeks.

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