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My wife and I and some dear friends started searching for a mountain house more than three years ago. After many weekend trips to Gunma, Yuzawa and Niigata, our dream became to own a safe, easily accessible, relaxing and modern mountain home within a few hours drive from Tokyo. We hoped to find a place to enjoy long term that would give our children easy access to some of Japan’s best powder. Solid Real Estate helped us find the perfect home, and within budget!

Solid Real Estate is unique and truly a vanguard in Japan property acquisition and management — the only company that we found that not only understood the vision we had, but helped us further develop it into a reality. They operate with a high level of professionalism, transparency, business integrity and continue to be generous with their time. Additionally, the purchase of property and transfer of title was seamless and the timeline well communicated.

It has been a pleasure working with Solid Real Estate and Matsushita “Ayaka San”. Their follow-up management service allows both of our families to create and enjoy a very cool ski chalet experience. We couldn’t pull it off without their language support, local knowledge, experience and expertise.

Mr. Lockwood,
We have had the great fortune to have met and worked with Ms. Ayaka Matsushima and Solid Real Estate recently.

My wife and I were looking at homes for our retirement in the Kamakura area, wherein we came across one of Solid Real Estate’s listings. While that property was ultimately unavailable, we found another further west. We expressed our interest and Ms. Matsushita quickly arranged showings that worked with our schedule.

We explained our objectives and Ms. Matsushita understood and made them all happen. Every step of the process was well-explained and well-documented. We knew what to expect, and what was expected of us. The homebuying transaction was as straightforward and as described, with no surprises and executed flawlessly. That does not just happen on its own; it is due to the hard work, organization and coordination by Ms. Matsushita and her extended team of professionals, who are part and parcel of the transaction.

Ms. Matsushita’s English language skills are impeccable, and her background as an architect means that she brings another dimension to the homebuying process with her design sense, understanding of the construction and remodel process in Japan, and her contacts in that industry.

We cannot convey how immensely gratified we are in finding and working with Ms. Matsushita and Solid Real Estate and cannot recommend her enough.

Mr. Calisher,
Ayaka helped us with our first home purchase in Japan two years ago and recent purchase of a second home/office. Her friendly and welcoming personality made it very easy to contact her by phone or email whenever we had questions throughout the house search purchase process. She is always professional, patient, ready to help, and is an excellent communicator, both in English and Japanese.

We especially appreciate that she always answers all of our questions and our follow up questions, however difficult they might be, and explain all the pertinent details so we can make the best decisions.

She worked closely with our loan officers/banks and kept us up to date. Our home purchase experience was smooth and stress-free thanks to her. We highly recommend Ayaka and her company for your real estate needs in Japan.

Mr. Dubois,
``I was introduced to Ayaka Matsushita a few years ago as I knew I would be selling my house in Yokohama in late 2020. So I contacted her in Sept 2020 and explained the details of the house and my position. She was extremely professional and straightforward and helped smooth the process of selling to the point of it being seamless. Her knowledge of the real estate market and the ability to introduce suitable buyers was just what I needed especially as I was no longer in Japan and unable to visit due to Covid-19.
She listed the property in Nov 2020 and I happily completed the sale in June 2021.
Throughout the process she went above and beyond to assist including skype calls and clear prompt e-mail communications. She introduced a very competent Scrivener to deal with the change of title etc once I had a buyer and helped him secure a mortgage.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Ayaka and Solid Real Estate to any prospective buyer or seller of Japanese property, it would be a very good decision if you do use Solid Real Estate's services.
Thank you Ayaka-san``.
Mr. Litster,
We would like to express our gratitude to Solid Real Estate Matsushita Ayaka-san for helping us to find a perfect home. We would enthusiastically recommend the services of Solid Real Estate because of:
- extreme professionalism: taking care of all the formalities of the process from scheduling viewings to translation of all final documents so that customers can be fully focused on choosing a property
- taking ``customer first`` approach: Ayaka-san did not just offer us listings to view, but took time and interest to understand our goals, work environment, hobbies & interests to offer us solutions for a suitable home
- anticipation and going above and beyond: everything literally was taken care of, we felt 100% trusting that everything is under control
- amazing communication skills: proficient English and more importantly understanding of ``foreigner`` expectations and customs based on profound experience
- friendly and outgoing vibe: it was always a pleasure to go for viewings and have coffee discussions afterwards, the whole process was fun and enjoyable
Mr. Oleg,
Ayaka Matsushita has been instrumental throughout the process of my property purchase in Tokyo. First, she was consistently responsive in showing me properties that met my requirements. She made all arrangements with regards to visiting the properties and all else effortless for me. When I found and identified the property that I would eventually buy, she immediately worked to find out how much I could receive via the loan eligibility process. While the loan procedure was going on, she also negotiated and reduced the asking price of the property for me – and reduced the deposit requirement by 90%. Regarding paperwork and documentation, she either did everything, providing English translations, or was available for me should I need help discussing anything with government officials, etc. She sat down with me many times to go carefully over all documentation throughout every process. By the time we got to closing on the property, I was confident and relaxed all because of the fine preparation she orchestrated. She made what could have been an arduous task mostly easy and enjoyable. Because of her extraordinary assistance, I was able to focus all of my energy on finding the property that best suited my needs. I simply couldn't come close to accomplishing what I needed to without her help. I am deeply indebted to Matsushita san and her team at Solid Real Estate.
Mr. Garrett,
Ayaka met with me on a Saturday and within a week she had shown me a wide variety of properties matching my requirements. She was able to give me a great idea of the market and I ended up with a great place, far beyond my expectations. I cannot recommend Ms. Matsushita enough, she was great!
Mr. Dennier, Consultant
I deal with Ms Matsushita of this company. She takes care of me so well. I'd like to ask her again! Thank you, Ms Matsushita!
Mrs. Mochida, Financial Planner
My wife and I were in the market for a property in Kanagawa. We found a nice apartment on the SOLID Real Estate website and contacted Ayaka-san by email. She called us back right away, quickly arranged a site visit and managed to secure our spot as the preferred bidder and, ultimately, we succeded to buy the place. Ayaka-san helped us negotiate a discount, managed all the communication with the seller and the contractual matters, including English translations for convenience purposes. The whole process, everything was very smooth. Ayaka-san’s service is truly professional, she is quick, responsive and she helped us above and beyond the actual purchase as well. For example, she introduced house-cleaning service providers and she bought a magazine for us which featured pet-friendly cafes and restaurants in the new neighborhood!. We were very satisfied and can highly recommend Ayaka-san. Besides, we really liked the SOLID Real Estate website, which contains a lot of helpful information about various real estate-related matters in Japan, written in a way that is easy to understand..
Mr. Wesp,
We worked with Solid Real Estate in acquiring a rental property for our language and drama school. Throughout the process, Ayaka’s knowledge of the market and commitment to explore all our options was exceptional. Her ability to take us through each stage of the process was great, and she was able to translate and explain all the fine details too. I am sure that we will be using Solid Real Estate again in the future!
Mr. Webster, Business Owner
I worked with Ayaka when I purchased my investment property. Ayaka was so helpful and friendly throughout the process. She first listened to my investment criteria and objectives. She then sourced and introduced suitable properties for me to view. She also helped with the financing and contract closing process. My investment property has been a great income generator, and I would recommend Ayaka and Solid Real Estate to anyone looking to purchase properties in Japan.
A.C., Property Investor
Ayaka-san has very in-depth knowledge of Japan real estate properties. She is very knowledgeable in financing options. She helped me to find four very good properties with high cash flow. I am very happy with the income generated out of them. Purchasing process was very smooth. I appreciate her help a lot in this regard. She assisted me in each and every step of purchasing the properties. She helped in picking good properties. Her post sales support is also very good.
Mr. Reddy, Property Investor
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